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Land IQ has broad experience working at the agricultural-urban interface. Our services include traditional soil agronomic science, such as managing nutrients and estimating crop water use, as well as responding to increasingly complex agricultural problems that involve regulatory, environmental, and policy issues. We address these challenges by pairing land-based scientific knowledge with advanced analytical, modeling technologies and remote sensing.


Restoration Ecology

The Land IQ Habitat Restoration Group offers a wide range of specialized services in natural resource planning, analysis, restoration, and management. Our achievements in revegetating and reclaiming drastically disturbed landscapes such as landfills, roadways, and water projects, monitoring for mitigation, and assessing and monitoring exotic species highlight our success in restoration ecology. Land IQ has assessed over 50,000 acres of land for habitat restoration potential and developed specific protocols for resource management plans. Additionally, our staff has expertise in working with federal, state, and local agencies for upland and wetland restoration projects.   


Remote Sensing

Land IQ leverages a full range of satellite and airborne remote sensing data with our understanding of agricultural and natural systems to meet our clients' needs. Our advanced data analytics and mapping are developed to inform decision making for private industry, local and state governments, commodity organizations, water districts, and regulatory agencies.   Because Land IQ’s approach is comprehensive and highly accurate, we are able to analyze a complete land surface rather than relying on surveys or extrapolation.  


Water Resources

Land IQ provides a full range of technical water resource services as water quality and quantity are critical factors in any land-based system.  We evaluate the quality and quantity of agricultural water for the safety and benefit of crops and soils, groundwater basin modeling, the beneficial use of water in a crop and native plant systems, water conservation, crop consumptive use using water balance tools, and industrial wastewater for land application and treatment.


Salinity & Nutrients

Land IQ specializes in managing salinity and nutrients to optimize agricultural production and environmental protection. We have a broad range of experience in reclaiming agro-ecosystems when the balance between nutrients, salt, water, plants and soil needs to be restored. Land IQ has also developed new technologies to model and manage nutrient dynamics.


Regulatory Suppport

Land IQ helps clients understand and meet regulatory requirements.  We provide technical review and interpretation of developing regulatory policy and build customized tools that help them implement long-term strategies. Land IQ has provided analytical tools to map and interpret impacts of groundwater quality assessments, groundwater recharge potential, wildfire burn intensities, impervious surfaces, invasive species, forest and wetland ecosystems, and greenhouse gas sequestration potential. Land IQ also assists clients with permitting, regulatory analysis and reporting, and endangered species consultation and management.