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Donna Eto

Restoration Ecologist

Ms. Eto is a Restoration Ecologist with Land IQ. Since 1983, Ms. Eto has worked in the field of environmental analysis, biology, construction monitoring, and mitigation compliance. She is highly experienced in environmental permitting and compliance, environmental documentation, research, and analysis gained through a diversified array of public, private, and military projects from California to the Midwest. These projects include transportation systems, industrial facilities, residential development, and infrastructure improvements. She has completed several large and complex projects in Southern California involving environmental compliance and permitting, resource assessment, and construction environmental management for linear projects including highway, rail, and communication networks. Ms. Eto is experienced in habitat restoration/revegetation monitoring and planning. She also provides a wide range of technical support including document reviews, biological technical support and biological and compliance monitoring, She is experienced with managing and monitoring mitigation sites for transportation projects including coastal sage scrub restoration and enhancement and cactus salvage and transplantation projects to restore cactus scrub habitat that will facilitate movement for coastal cactus wren breeding populations. She currently performs monitoring and reporting for multiple cactus restoration projects in Orange County. She recently provided monitoring and oversaw environmental compliance for the Eastern Transportation Corridor - SR 241 tollroad new wildlife protective fence project. Ms. Eto holds a B.S. in Biological/Marine Sciences from the University of Southern California. 


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