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Jenni Snibbe

Biologist/Restoration Ecologist

Ms. Snibbe is a Biologist and Restoration Ecologist with Land IQ.  Since has 1995, Ms. Snibbe has worked in the field of biological assessment, ornithology, botany, terrestrial biology, and ecological research. She has participated in ecological studies and managing and monitoring habitat restoration projects in Southern California and Arizona with an emphasis on coastal sage scrub and riparian habitats since 2000. Her knowledge encompasses a wide range of experience including knowledge of the flora and fauna of California, including sensitive species, plant ecology, soil science, biochemistry, and conservation biology.

As an ecologist, Ms. Snibbe conducts habitat assessments to identify community types, individual species, ecotones, biological diversity, species richness, and vegetation cover using standardized vegetation sampling techniques, classification systems, and sampling protocols including the releve method, plots, and transects. She performs habitat evaluations to determine the potential for sensitive species occupation and conducts inventory and monitoring of project sites for species composition, including rare and endangered native plant species and wildlife indicators.

Ms. Snibbe holds a B.S. in Ecology and Systematic Biology from California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo.