Meet Land IQ

As land-based scientists and the founding partners of Land IQ, Joel Kimmelshue and Mica Heilmann, often found themselves in need of accurate land use data. Unfortunately, the data that existed at the time either did not meet their needs or was grossly outdated.

This need spurred the development of a unique firm specialized in agricultural science and remote sensing. The combination of scientific knowledge in agronomy, native plant and land systems, combined with advanced remote sensing technologies, custom modeling and analytical methods provide our clients with powerful and cost-effective solutions to land, water and regulatory issues.

Land IQ maintains a staff of soil scientists, agronomists, ecologists, remote sensing and GIS specialists. Our experienced staff hold professional certifications including Certified Professional Soil Scientists and Agronomists, Certified Crop Adviser, Biologists, Ecologists and Certified Professionals in Erosion and Sediment Control.

Specific experience and qualifications include:

· Soil, surface, near-surface, and vegetation investigations and assessments

· Detailed agronomic assessments, including yield impacts caused by various sources

· Soil reclamation and irrigation/drainage strategies and management

· Salinity and nutrient management

· Water quality and supply analysis and modeling

· Integration of GIS and remote sensing technologies to inform and enhance site evaluation approaches

· Research design and implementation of pilot projects and studies

· Regulatory and permitting support

We have offices in Sacramento and Los Angeles.

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