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Travis Longcore

Environmental Scientist

Dr. Longcore is an Environmental Scientist at Land IQ. Dr. Longcore has worked in the environmental policy consulting field since 1996, having provided extensive expert commentary and analysis in dozens of environmental cases for local, regional, and national organizations. Dr. Longcore brings advanced spatial and ecological analysis and insights to complex real-world environmental challenges, such as the restoration of sensitive ecosystems, the impacts of artificial night lighting on species and habitats, and monitoring and management of endangered species. Dr. Longcore is also on staff at UCLA as an Associate Adjunct Professor at the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability. Dr. Longcore holds an H.B.A. from the University of Delaware and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from UCLA, in addition to designations as a certified Senior Ecologist (Ecological Society of America) and as a GIS Professional (GIS Certification Institute).

#restorationecology     #geospatialapplications

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