Zhongwu Wang

Chief Technology Officer/Director of Spatial Sciences

Dr. Wang is the Chief Technology Officer and Director of Spatial Sciences at Land IQ. A lead scientist with Land IQ, Dr. Wang leads multidisciplinary analytical teams, designs robust and efficient analytical approaches and algorithms, and develops automated workflows for accurate and efficient analytical processes. Dr. Wang has worked in the field of remote sensing, GIS and mapping since 2006. Dr. Wang leverages multiresolution spatial and agronomic data to inform land use classification processes and has performed comprehensive crop mapping, native vegetation mapping, crop age analysis, fallowing analysis, and actual evapotranspiration analysis. He has expertise in accuracy assessment techniques and data collection protocols. Dr. Wang is also very interested in statistical data analysis and scientific computing using open source languages such as R and Python. Dr. Wang holds a Ph.D. in Geography with a concentration in Remote Sensing and GIS from University of South Carolina. He received his M.S. in Geography, with a concentration in Remote Sensing and GIS, from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and his B.S. in Environmental Sciences from Peking University.

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