Land IQ has broad experience working at the agricultural-urban interface. Our services include traditional soil agronomic science, such as managing nutrients and estimating crop water use, as well as responding to increasingly complex agricultural problems that involve regulatory, environmental, and policy issues. We address these challenges by pairing land-based scientific knowledge with advanced analytical modeling technologies and remote sensing.

Crop Consumptive Use

Land IQ has refined a remote sensing method for calculating evapotranspiration at a field by field level, allowing Semitropic Water Storage District to implement a scaled rate structure based upon customers’ actual water use.  Click here to learn more about Land IQ ET.

Crop Yield Impact Evaluation

Land IQ is working with the California Department of Water Resources and four Sacramento Valley irrigation districts to implement a Settlement Agreement for loss of rice yield due to cold water diversions from the State Water Project at Oroville Dam and Thermalito afterbay.

Historic Agricultural & Riparian Land & Water Use

Land IQ developed and implemented an approach to classifying current and historical comprehensive crop and riparian land use for over 500,000 acres in various western states in support of water balance analysis.