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Land IQ offers a full suite of data, analytics, image and mapping for our clients' decision support. These include processed satellite and aerial imagery, land cover classification and analysis, and crop and vegetation mapping. These data provide decision makers with current information about land and resource use that is critical to their strategic planning and business operations. Please contact us for more information!

Agricultural Land Use Data Sets
Land IQ Permanent Crop Age Mapping

Land IQ can provide customized spatial data sets to take control of the data overload with actionable information for statewide, regional, GSA-specific or local planning efforts.  These data include:

  • Current and historical land use

  • Land use forecasting and trend analysis

  • Landscape evapotranspiration data

  • Permanent crop age

  • Irrigation method on a field-by-field basis

  • Root zone depth on a field-by-field basis

  • Groundwater recharge suitability

Click here to download the statewide land use data sets.​

Land IQ Flood Analysis
Urban Landscape Mapping
Water Year 2023 Flood Mapping

Recent flooding of agricultural and other lands in various parts of California has wide-ranging and long-term impacts on crop production, water use, associated economies, property damage, access, safety, etc. Future flooding is expected to continue during snowmelt. Land IQ is quantifying the extent of flooding at the field and regional levels for the entire water year. For a preview visit

Click here to learn more about the Water Year 2023 Flood Mapping.

Other Landscape Level Data Solutions

Land IQ provides a number of custom data solutions to help inform our clients as it relates to large landscape level resource and management issues.  These include but are not limited to:

  • Urban landscape mapping

  • Native vegetation mapping

  • Specific commodity mapping

  • Land feature mapping

Annual Rice Mapping Image
In-Season Rice Acreage & Winter Flooded Acreage

Land IQ utilizes remote sensing and extensive ground truthing to analyze all rice, wild rice and fallow acreage in the state with 99% accuracy.  This number is delivered in-season, with a preliminary estimate in late June/early July and a final estimate in late July/early August. 

Click here for more information on our in-season rice acreage estimate.

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