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Land IQ specializes in managing salinity and nutrients to optimize agricultural production and environmental protection. We have a broad range of experience in reclaiming agro-ecosystems when the balance between nutrients, salt, water, plants and soil needs to be restored. Land IQ has also developed new technologies to model and manage nutrient dynamics.

Almond Orchard in Bloom
Irrigated Cotton
Nutrient and Water Management

Land IQ works with the Los Angeles World Airport on their agricultural holdings to monitor and report on irrigation and nitrogen fertilizer use by tenants.  This involves Water and Nutrient Balance by field, Annual Cropping Plans, and Quarterly and Annual Sampling and Monitoring Reports. 

Saline Water Management

Land IQ developed a blending program, reusing saline mine water within the New Magma Irrigation and Drainage District to irrigate approximately 5,500 acres of alfalfa, cotton and turf grass. The project includes real-time monitoring and assessment of water quality, as well as comprehensive soil, water and tissue salinity monitoring.

Salinity Economic Impact Model Update

The Bureau of Reclamation uses the Salinity Economic Impact Model (SEIM) to estimate the economic impacts incurred in the Lower Basin States from increases (i.e., damages) or decreases (i.e., benefits) in TDS concentrations in the Colorado River. Land IQ updated and validated components of the SEIM related to the agricultural sector. These components included crop acreage and location within the SEIM areas, irrigation and leaching practices, crop salinity thresholds, and yield impact functions.

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