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Land IQ provides a full range of technical water resource services as water quality and quantity are critical factors in any land-based system. We evaluate the quality and quantity of agricultural water for the safety and benefit of crops and soils, groundwater basin modeling, the beneficial use of water in a crop and native plant systems, water conservation, crop consumptive use using water balance tools, and industrial wastewater for land application and treatment.

Field level ET example
Owens Lake Managed Vegetation
Groundwater Recharge Suitability
Field Level Consumptive Use Determinations

Land IQ ET is a data driven model that was developed for detailed, field-scale water use estimation.  Water use estimation is calculated as evapotranspiration (ET), or the amount of water consumed by the plant through evaporation and transpiration. The model uses robust ground station data and direct image analysis to interpret image data. Click here to learn more about Land IQ ET.

Owens Lake Dust Mitigation Program

Since our inception, Land IQ has worked with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to support the design of water delivery, irrigation, subsurface drainage systems, grading and tillage plans as well as the research programs for soil and vegetation specifications for dust control on the Owens Dry Lakebed.

Water Supply Reliability Analysis

Understanding the intricacies of water allocations in California and the potential impacts of SGMA, Land IQ has developed a water supply reliability analysis to identify agricultural regions in California with a greater water supply reliability than other areas. The water supply reliability analysis takes into account a number of potential impacts to water supply.

Groundwater Recharge Suitability

With the Almond Board of California and the California Walnut Board, Land IQ developed a comprehensive suitability index for groundwater recharge potential for the entire Central Valley and surrounding areas.

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