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Chris Stall

Soil & Agricultural Scientist

Mr. Stall is a Soil and Agricultural Scientist with Land IQ. Mr. Stall has been working in the field of soil science since 2008. Mr. Stall's technical skills include soil moisture modeling, soil physics, transport of contaminants in soils, soil chemistry, and biosolids land application and management. Mr. Stall’s consulting experience includes agricultural yield loss modeling, crop identification/photo interpretation, soil/water/plant relationships in irrigated agricultural systems, crop evapotranspiration, and land evaluation. Mr. Stall's research experience includes nitrogen cycling in forested and managed watershed soils of the Adirondack uplands in New York, and microbial transport in seasonally saturated soils of the North Carolina Coastal Plain. Mr. Stall holds an M.S. in Soil Science with a concentration in Agricultural Engineering from North Carolina State University and is certified as an Associate Certified Soil Scientist.

#agriculture     #remotesensing     #geospatialapplications     #waterresources     #salinityandnutrients

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