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Frank Anderson


Mr. Anderson is a Biometeorologist with Land IQ.  Mr. Anderson has worked with micrometeorology measurements from agricultural and natural systems since 2001.  His collaborations have been both national from Florida’s Everglades to Washington’s Puget Sound as well as international, working with scientists from Italy, Egypt and China.  His work requires innovative approaches for sensor deployment, real-time data acquisition, data processing and analysis, and problem-solving techniques.  Mr. Anderson’s research experience ranges from wetland carbon cycling, crop and grassland consumptive use, water quality sampling to atmospheric mercury deposition.  In addition to his scientific applications, Mr. Anderson has taught Meteorology and Physical Geography at California State University, Sacramento and American River Community College. He holds a M.S. in Atmospheric Science with a concentration in Biometeorology from the University of California, Davis.

#agriculture     #remotesensing     #geospatialapplications     #waterresources     #landiqet

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