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Joel Kimmelshue

Owner/Principal Soil & Agricultural Scientist

Dr. Kimmelshue is a founding partner and Principal Soil and Agricultural Scientist with Land IQ. He has worked in the field of soil science and agronomy since 1997. His extensive consulting experience includes practical and applied solutions for development and management of agricultural-based soil/water/plant systems; especially irrigated systems. This technical expertise also includes water resources science and planning, land reclamation, soil/plant nutrient dynamics and management, irrigation and drainage in arid and humid climates, soil classification, crop production, land application of municipal and agricultural wastes, water rights evaluations, vegetative and non-vegetative erosion control, and revegetation reclamation efforts. He is experienced in multi-stakeholder settings and works closely with owners as well as regulatory, agency, and consulting teams to develop workable and cost-effective approaches. Dr. Kimmelshue also has first-hand production agriculture experience from growing up and working on a diversified tree and row crop farming operation in northern California. He still maintains an ownership and management interest in the family farming operation. Dr. Kimmelshue holds a Ph.D. in Soil Science with a concentration in Water Resources from North Carolina State University in addition to his Certification as a Professional Soil Scientist (CPSS). 

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