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Margot Griswold

Senior Restoration Ecologist

Dr. Griswold is a Senior Restoration Ecologist with Land IQ. Since 1989, Dr. Griswold has worked within a range of plant communities, and specializes in watershed scale habitat restoration planning, research, soil and water conservation, native plant/soil/water relations, restoration of drastically disturbed sites, rare plant restoration and native plant seed supply procurement and accelerated development. Her experience includes native habitat restoration and reclamation of coastal sage scrub, chaparral, native perennial grasslands, oak woodland habitats, alluvial fan scrub, southern willow-cottonwood riparian forest, and several rare plant species.

Dr Griswold was the restoration specialist for the team that restored the award-winning Coyote Canyon/Bonita Creek wildlife habitat corridor in Orange County and was a key member of the team that implemented the Managed Vegetation Dust Control Measure at Owens Dry Lakebed for Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. She has comprehensive experience in coordinating habitat restoration programs with construction managers, design engineers, and landscape contractors on large and small projects. Dr. Griswold has managed the design and successful implementation of over 300 acres of riparian and wetland mitigation projects, 1,700 acres of upland revegetation and restoration projects, and 2,200 acres of land reclamation projects. Through her project work, she has worked closely with many federal, state, and local agencies.

Dr. Griswold is also committed to science education using habitat restoration as a tool to work with teachers and under-represented youth in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. She is the past President of the California Society of Ecological Restoration, and is a member of the California Native Grass Association and the California Invasive Plant Council. 

Dr. Griswold holds a PhD in Biology and Plant Ecology from the University of California at Irvine.


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