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Melissa Riedel Lehrke

Biologist/Restoration Ecologist

Ms. Riedel-Lehrke is a Biologist and Restoration Ecologist with Land IQ.  Ms. Riedel-Lehrke has managed habitat restoration projects and served as the lead biologist for field surveys for vegetation assessments and habitat restoration potential in Southern California since 2000. She specializes in digital field mapping using latest technologies and mapping software to document biological resources. She is highly experienced using Geographic Information System (GIS) tools to analyze digital data collected in the field for development of appropriate land management and habitat restoration recommendations. She has prepared numerous restoration plans of various Southern California habitat types including coastal sage scrub, riparian, oak woodland, walnut woodland, and wetland habitats. Her experience includes managing implementation of restoration plans along with annual performance monitoring and report production. She has been responsible for coordinating field assessments of several large scale projects in Southern California including vegetation mapping, rare plant surveys, and habitat restoration potential. Ms. Riedel-Lehrke has a B.S. in Natural Resources and Environmental Studies from the University of Minnesota. 

#restorationecology     #geospatialapplications

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