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Land IQ - Celebrating 15 Years

As land-based scientists, the founding partners of Land IQ, Joel Kimmelshue and Mica Heilmann, often found themselves in need of accurate land use data. Unfortunately, the data that existed at the time either did not meet their needs or was grossly outdated.

This need spurred the development of a specialized Agricultural Science and Remote Sensing firm, merging both land-based scientists (agricultural, soil, native systems) and spatial scientists (remote sensing, GIS, photogrammetry), fifteen years ago.

This combination of specialties was purposefully done to facilitate a multidisciplinary approach to mapping and analyzing all variations of surface land use with the most advanced remote sensing and spatial analysis methodologies informed by our knowledge of cropping systems. We leverage our understanding of landscape processes, plant communities, land management, production systems and plant phenology to inform and guide our analytical approaches. The results are practical, applicable, and accurate work products including traditional formats as well as online mapping applications that allow our clients to make objective, informed, and strategic decisions.

We have worked closely with a variety of agencies in California and the Western US, which include:

  • Federal (e.g. Bureau of Reclamation and Department of the Interior)

  • State (e.g. Department of Water Resources, California Department of Food and Agriculture, State Water Resources Control Board)

  • Regional (e.g. Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Metropolitan Water District, Regional Water Authority, San Luis Delta Mendota Water Authority, City of Sacramento, City of Yuba City, San Juan Water District, City of Folsom, Richvale Irrigation District, Butte Water District, Biggs West Gridley Water District, Semitropic Water Storage District, Kern River Watershed Coalition Authority, Western Canal Water District, Oakdale Irrigation District, etc)

  • Grower Representative Groups (Almond Board of California, California Walnut Board, California Avocado Commission, Pistachio Research Board, etc)

  • Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (21 separate GSAs within Kern, Kings, Tulare, Fresno, Stanislaus, and Butte Counties)

We maintain two offices, one in Sacramento and one in Los Angeles. Our Sacramento

office is largely focused on land and water resource issues as it relates to agricultural production including statewide land use mapping, field-level consumptive use analysis and regulatory support. Our Los Angeles office provides a number of services related to habitat restoration projects including natural resource planning, analysis, restoration and management.

Land IQ understands the need for sound scientific support as well as practical experience. Many of our staff have roots in agriculture and bring first hand and irreplaceable understanding of agricultural production systems to projects. We maintain a staff of approximately 35 soil scientists, agronomists, ecologists, remote sensing and GIS specialists. Our experienced staff hold professional certifications including Certified Professional Soil Scientists and Agronomists, Certified Crop Adviser, Biologists, Ecologists and Certified Professionals in Erosion and Sediment Control.

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