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New Staff Join Land IQ

Land IQ is excited to announce the addition of three new team members to join our growing team of land-based scientists, spatial scientists, and developers. We look forward to incorporating their talents into our portfolio of projects.

Joshua Dare – Development Team

Joshua Dare

Joshua Dare is a Web Developer at Land IQ. Mr. Dare is a recent graduate from California State University, Sacramento, where he studied Computer Science with interests in data science & software engineering. Josh is well versed in JavaScript web development frameworks, as well as languages geared towards data analysis, such as Python. He is passionate about building web applications that apply geospatial sciences to tackle environmental and agricultural issues, allowing for easier visual analysis of complex datasets.

Sadie Keller – Land Based Team

Sadie Keller

Sadie Keller is an Agricultural Scientist at Land IQ. Ms. Keller began working in the agriculture industry in San Joaquin County in 2017 where she gained valuable experience in crop scouting and crop protection, which inspired her to obtain her BS in Agriculture from California State University Stanislaus. Sadie then obtained her Master of Science in Horticulture from Oregon State University where her research focused on plant and water relations in nursery production systems. Her graduate school experience sharpened her skills in crop management, plant physiology, data collection, and data analysis.

Dr. Elahe Jamalina – Spatial Sciences Team

Elahe Jamalina

Dr. Elahe Jamalinia is a Remote Sensing Scientist at Land IQ. Ms. Jamalinia has a passion for unlocking insights from satellite data to address global challenges. She holds a Ph.D. in Geo-Engineering from Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands), specializing in levee safety estimation using observable data. As a Post-Doc researcher for the Carbon Mapper satellite mission at Asner Lab, Arizona State University, Elahe contributed to the benefit of Hyperspectral images in environmental monitoring and conservation. Proficient in data science, Python, and geospatial analysis, she is dedicated to transforming data into actionable plans for the environment.

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