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Tracking Field-Level Flooding

Recent flooding of agricultural and other lands in various parts of California has wide-ranging and long-term impacts on crop production, water use, associated economies, property damage, access, safety, etc. Future flooding is expected to continue during snow melt. The past and future spatial extent and duration of this flooding is mostly unknown, however is now being quantified by Land IQ at the field and regional levels for the entire water year.

Land IQ Flood Analysis

The Land IQ Flood Mapping Analysis is a retrospective and ongoing continuous mapping product and numerical summary at the field-scale of inundated (flooded) lands:

  • Timing: October 1, 2022 - September 30, 2023

  • Analysis Frequency: images captured every 3 - 6 days

  • Reporting Frequency: every 2 - 3 weeks via an online viewing and reporting platform

  • Spatial Extent: San Joaquin and Salinas Valleys

  • Granularity: Land IQ crop mapping field boundaries


  • Duration of inundation - accumulated days of flooding for each field

  • Field Area Impact - extent of inundation for each flooded field (percent flooded cover)

  • Crop Distribution - identification of land use (including crop type) experiencing flooding

A preview of the analysis can be viewed at For more information about the analysis click here.

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