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Tianyi (Sunny) Sun
Geospatial Developer

Tianyi Sun is a Full Stack Developer with a rich background in software design, development, and expertise in Machine Learning and Deep Learning applied to remote sensing. With a focus on geospatial technologies, he has actively contributed to projects serving diverse government sectors, including transportation, agriculture, hydrology, and environmental sciences. Mr. Sun's professional journey encompasses working on various aspects of full-stack development, providing innovative solutions that leverage his multidisciplinary skills.


He holds two bachelor's degrees, one in Land Resource Management from Northeast Agriculture University and another in Computer Science from Auckland University. Additionally, he pursued advanced studies, earning two master's degrees: one in Geo-information Science from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and another in Computer Science from New York University. Tianyi Sun's academic achievements and diverse experiences position him as a dynamic and accomplished Full Stack Developer ready to tackle complex challenges in the world of geospatial technology.

#agriculture     #geospatialapplications    #landiqet     #regulatorysupport

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